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Course Description or Master of Commerce is a two years course that is done after graduation in Commerce stream. Master of Commerce is a specialization course in subjects related to Commerce like Economics, Accounting, Finance, Statistics, taxation, and other subjects with extensive knowledge and progressive curriculum. The main objective of the M.Com course is to equip students with profound knowledge about theoretical and practical uses of Commerce in the actual corporate world. The course study is prepared by experts of Commerce who are part of educational councils and governing bodies. The syllabus is prepared meticulously and with an intensive knowledge of the subject. Students affiliated with the Master of Commerce or M.Com course are counseled by expert faculty because of the higher level of course and needed proper guidance. The honorable faculty members have responsibility for students advancement in their studies and proficiency in their knowledge. The prospective course is divided into enough parts of various assignments and paper submissions, weekly and quarterly assessments, exams, projects, and guidance from commerce experts other than faculty members. The fees taken for Master of Commerce or M.Com courses are Rs. 42000 and additional costs of books with delivery charges are Rs. 4000.

Course Objective

To provide students with extensive knowledge concerning subjects chosen for Masters degree

Provide in-depth knowledge which comprises theoretical and practical experiences from the real world

Refurbish the already studied subjects and skills by students like Finance, Accounts, Taxations, etc.

Study the analytical, marketing skills, and economic and commercial relation of Commerce with the corporate world critically.

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