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Postgraduate diploma or PgD is the degree offered after graduation from any stream. The PG diploma courses are usually shorter than a Masters course and can be finished within one year. Post Graduation Diploma is an advanced course and can be done in various subjects like Banking and Finance, Management, Robotics, Remote Sensing and GIS, Industrial Maintenance Engineering, Advanced Manufacturing Technology, etc. The program covers only the subjects requisite held more credits than Bachelor degree and lesser credits than Masters degree. However, completely practical and theoretical knowledge is provided to students. After finishing the PGD course, students stand high chances to get lucrative pay scales and higher position employment. You can enroll yourself for a PG diploma online with AIG Academy. The complete curriculum is prepared exclusively for students' welfare and understanding. The honorable faculty working on the course studies have done it with dedication and hard work. Every faculty member is an expert in their chosen field while keen to share their expertise with students for their bright future. Every student enrolled with us is well attended by our excellent faculty on an urgent basis. The actual fees charged for Post Graduation Diploma or PGD course is Rs.30000 while the cost of study material is not included. For the books, other study material Rs. Three thousand are charged with course fees separately.

Course Objective

To provide essential knowledge regarding chosen subjects with comprehensiveness

Help students to gain all the required theoretical and practical experience in their chosen fields

To enhance the understanding of subjects and their requirements in real world

The Postgraduate Diploma, commonly known as the Graduate Diploma (Grad.Dip. ), is a prominent postgraduate qualification in India. A Postgraduate Diploma is academically equivalent to a Bachelor's degree but less than a Master's degree. A post graduate diploma in education is often started after completing a Bachelor's degree and is finished in one year or less. Graduate diploma programmes are provided in the majority of disciplines. You can also do a post graduate diploma in management.

Postgraduate Diplomas are typically convertible into a complete Master's degree, such as a Master of Science or Master of Arts, at a later date. Postgraduate Diplomas are becoming increasingly popular since they are less expensive than Master's degrees and take less time to finish. Get the best online postgraduate diploma with AIG Academy. People may be perplexed because in some countries, the phrase "graduate diploma" refers to "postgraduate diploma" (Master's degrees, PhD degrees), and in others, it refers to "undergraduate diploma" (Bachelor's degrees). Get the best post graduate diploma in distance education.

To avoid this misunderstanding, keep in mind that online PG diploma courses studies are a distinct degree type, neither a Bachelor's nor a Master's, but somewhere in between. To avoid applying for the wrong postgraduate degree, always research what each degree type signifies in the country and university where you intend to study.

A PG diploma courses online is more advanced than a bachelor's degree and provides the same level of qualification as a master's degree, but it takes less time and just 120 credits to accomplish. A postgraduate diploma can refer to a range of courses, including vocational courses such as legal practice, as well as academic studies.

The Advantages of a Postgraduate Diploma

So, what is the advantage of pursuing a PG Diploma over any other type of postgraduate qualification?

1. Recruitability

Degrees are becoming increasingly prevalent, thus it is critical to make your CV stand out from the crowd. Studying for a Postgraduate Diploma will not only help you learn new skills that will benefit you in your career, but it will also provide you a competitive advantage over other applicants who may be applying for the same positions.

2. Time Restriction

While the Postgraduate Diploma requires students to complete 120 credits of work, a Master's degree needs students to complete 180 credits of learning and is substantially more time consuming.

If you are unsure whether you want to devote that much study, it is best to complete the Postgraduate Diploma and then, if necessary, convert your certificate to an MA through the submission of a dissertation.

3. Change of Career/Learning New Skills

Many students choose to study something new at the postgraduate level, but they do not want to commit to a content-heavy course before determining whether they would actually love it. As a result, pursuing a Postgraduate Diploma allows prospective students to dip their toes in the water without committing to a year of intense study.

4. Finance

In general, a Postgraduate Diploma degree will be less expensive than an MA counterpart, though this is not always the case. With postgraduate courses at all levels becoming increasingly expensive, many graduates prefer to study on courses with lower tuition fees, such as PGDip, and then perhaps save enough over a longer period of time if they want to pursue a more advanced course of study.

5. Networking Possibilities

If you work in a certain area, such as law or journalism, pursuing a Postgraduate Diploma at a reputed university will allow you to network and build professional connections.

Most courses will bring in industry experts to deliver speeches and seminars about working life, and some may even offer students prominent work placements. Many graduates use the contacts they gained while studying to locate postgraduate work.

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