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Two years post-graduate degree of in Computer Science or Information Technology to the graduates who complete it successfully. M.Sc. in Computer Science is one of the most applied courses by graduates for growth in career and personal life. M.Sc. in Computer Science is an advanced course in technicality that helps students achieve different career milestones. The degree of M.Sc. in Computer lands you in a higher position with a lucrative pay scale in current employment or opens a new door of a vast world of technology. With comprehensive and updated knowledge, the complete curriculum of Master of Science in Computer Science helps students reach the technology world's maximum potential with a thorough understanding of various subjects and their uses in the real world. The complete course of M.Sc. in Computer Science or Information Technology is programmed by our best faculty members who have achieved milestones by themselves with flying colors in the same domain. With overall coverage of subjects related to the Computer Science and IT world, the course is developed with upgraded and in-depth knowledge. Our excellent faculty members mentor enrolled students with extra attention because of the advancement of the course subjects. Course fees charged for Master of Science in Computer Science is Rs.50000, which is exclusive of Study Material costs. For Study material and Its courier charges, Rs.4000 are taken separately.

Course Objective

To help students understand the intricate amplitude of Technology World

Prepare students to face the future complications, technical requirements, and competitions in the world of Information Technology

To polish the analytical, problem solving, advanced skills from previous graduation courses and experience.

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Master of Science ( Computer Science/Information Technology)


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