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Master of Library Science is the postgraduate course in Management of library and books for two years. The Advance study of managing libraries, books, bookkeeping, records and other work related to libraries is taught in this post-graduation degree of Master of Library Science. A student who has finished their Bachelor of Library Science and Information course successfully can apply for Master of Library Science or M. LIb. Students can do jobs as senior Librarians in different libraries from private to the government like government institutes, schools, colleges, offices, courts, research centers, public libraries, etc. The Master of Library Science course involves the study of managing books, maintaining records, digitizing library details, helping customers, and other library-related tasks. The Master's degree in Library science is based on the advanced studies of library management and information. The Course study is designed with practical and theoretical knowledge related to Library management, which students already learned in the Bachelor's course. The syllabus is structured by our great faculty members who are always keen to help students and give them the best industrial knowledge filled with practical experiences. Students are in the good hands of dedicated faculty members, and their mentorship will lead them to make a bright career in the field of Library science. The fees taken for the Master of Library Science course are Rs. 33000 exclusive of Study material charges. The study material is available online and can be obtained from other sources as well.

Course Aim

To teach the advanced techniques and tactics related to Library management

To enhance students knowledge regarding library science and information

To give in-depth and thorough information, master the job of Librarian with ease.

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Master of Library Science ( M. Lib )


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