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Master of Social work or MSW is a post-graduation degree that can be done after graduation from any stream. The course of Master Of Science is spread across the two years in semester form. The MSW degree is given to the students who have completed advanced studies in Social work subjects. After finishing the course, the students are equipped with micro and macro particulars of proficient social services in hospitals, schools, NGOs, and communities. Those interested in helping others and believe in humanity can join the advanced course of Master of Social work to learn the more technical and professional approach towards helping people and reaching more considerable potential. The students enrolled with the MSW are taught every aspect of Social working theoretically as well as on-field. The Master Of Social Work degree course curriculum is developed by our best faculty members who are not just experts in the field they teach but also renowned social workers who have the experience of many years and have done great work in the mainstream. Every faculty member is not just concerned about our students but also society and makes both successful. They are working hard in preparing a new generation of social workers with more enthusiasm and innovative skills. The fees charged for the Master of Social Work course curriculum is Rs. 42000 without study material. All the study material is available online, and students can refer to other sites as well.

Course Aim

To prepare students for the real world crisis and think out of the box Teach detailed information regarding the subject and make sure that students keep up to the objective of the course

To guide students towards a prosperous future where they can establish their name in the chosen field

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Master of Social Work ( MSW )


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