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Two consecutive years post-graduation Course Master of Arts is done after Graduation from any stream. Master of Arts or M.A. is a Specialisation course in chosen discipline with thorough knowledge and advanced syllabus. The specialization includes languages, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Social Work, Philosophy, History, Archeology, Religious studies, and others. The online ma programs sole objective is to polish already acquired knowledge by students from their graduation courses and help them learn the advancements of chosen subjects. The curriculum for Masters is created by Excellent affiliates of Educational governing boards and councils. The complete Course of masters in distance education covers all the required syllabus with in-depth and comprehensive learning to better the students future. Students registered with the program for Master of Arts are given extra attention by faculty as the courses are of advanced level and require outstanding mentorship. The responsible faculty members ensure that students are well trained and polished in already learned skills from Graduation. The course syllabus includes various assignments, papers, terminal exams, projects, internships, and guest lectures. The total cost for the ma distance education program is Rs. 42000, which is exclusive of Study material cost. For Study material and its courier services, Rs. 4000 is charged.

Course Aim

To cater to the advanced studies related to specialization subjects chosen by students for their masters

Thorough knowledge of theoretical and practical management of business

Polish already learned industrial culture, understanding the evolution of economics, languages, and analytical skills. 

Enhance the acknowledgment of social, political, and industrial revolution on business evolution critically.

What are the benefits of obtaining a Master of Arts?

Studying for a degree can be a long and arduous process, but one that is certainly worth it in the end. Whether youre looking to gain professional experience or further your education, a degree from a AIG acedemy  will give you an edge in the job market. Here are some tips on choosing the right University for you and what to look for when selecting an arts program.

The benefits of obtaining a distance ma degree can be manifold. For example, a Master of Arts can help you further develop your career options, as it can provide you with the skills and knowledge required for various positions. Additionally, a Master of Arts may help you understand complex subjects, which can improve your ability to learn new information. Finally, a Master of Arts may also allow you to participate in research projects, which can give you valuable insight into various fields.

What does a Master of Arts entail?

A Online MA Degree in Arts and Humanities prepares students for a successful professional career in arts and humanities. A MA in Arts and Humanities teaches the basics of art history, musicology, theatre studies, English literature, and other humanities disciplines. Students learn how to research and analyze works of art and learn how to write critical thinking and analytical essays. A ma education distance learning and Humanities prepares students for a successful career in teaching skills and humanities.

What are the degrees available for a Master of Arts?

A Master of Arts in Education prepares students to be education leaders, and a Master of Arts in Teaching prepares students to become teachers. In addition, a Master of Arts in Creative Writing allows students to develop their writing skills and explore the creative process.

What can you do with a Master of Arts?

A M.A In One year, or M.A., is a degree earned by completing a program of study in the arts. The degree can be made in various fields, including fine arts, music, theater, and dance. Many MA programs require students to complete a thesis or research project.


If you are completing your Distance Education MA. This milestone in your academic career means that you have completed a challenging program of study and demonstrated high intellectual ability levels. You are ready to engage in the world thoroughly, and your M.A. will give you the foundation you need. Keep up the excellent work, and dont forget to celebrate this achievement with friends and family—you deserve it!

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