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BBA or Bachelors of Business Administration is a three-year program for Undergraduates, which covers commerce, administration, and Business. The advanced conceptual and hands-on knowledge is delivered to create leadership and managerial skills amongst students to create future businessmen and successful entrepreneurs. Three years of BBA course covers various in-depth aspects of Finance, accounting, supply-chain management, economics, marketing and advertising, taxation, sales, and distribution. The complete course of Bachelor of Business Administration is prepared by established members of the educational governing body. BBAs whole curriculum is designed to create the brightest students with overall knowledge of respective industries even before entering the real world. All the faculty members are chosen wisely and have already achieved various milestones in their careers with brief experience about the outer world and are keen to share their knowledge with their students. The Bachelor of Business Administration course structure is the incorporation of various subjects, projects, assignments, industrial visits, on-field training, internships, guest lectures, and internal exams. The Bachelor of Business Administration course fee is Rs. 66000 without books and other study materials. The cost of study materials and delivery services is Rs. 6000.

The Objectives Of The BBA Course

To create futuristic and successful entrepreneurs and leaders

To help students familiarize the industry of commerce, Business, and administration

To deliver knowledge of various subjects related to the corporate world and their inter-relations Develop the decision-making abilities, analytical skills, and interpersonal skills in students.

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