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Three years of Academics after H.S.C. in the field of Information technology is rewarded with the degree of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology or I.T. The complete curriculum is set with subjects related to software testing, software development, Web designing, Programming, Databases, Coding, Networking, Software engineering and other information technology-related subjects. Successful completion of a three-year course divided into six semesters opens the door in Information technology where jobs related to processing, communication, and storing information between any electronic gadgets can be done. The (I.T.) syllabus is designed with utter care and accumulating in-depth knowledge of subjects related to Information technology. The faculty is well established and renowned experts in information technology with genuine concern towards the future of students. Students affiliated with us are trained under the scrutinizing mentorship of honorary faculty members to polish them, sharpen them for a promising future. Total fees of I.T. course is Rs. 66000 exclusive of study material charges. Rs. 6000 are charged for books and their delivery charges.

Objectives of the Course

To prepare students for multiprogramming, multi-tasking conditions related to Information technology

To manage, secure and store the voluminous information

To provide comprehensive knowledge about Information technology and prepare students for experience real world with various situations

To prepare students for crucial technology developments and creativity with solutions

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Bachelors of Science in Information Technology


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