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Three years of Academics after H.S.C. in the field of Information technology is rewarded with the degree of Bachelors of Science in Information Technology or B.sc. I.T. The complete curriculum is set with subjects related to software testing, software development, Web designing, Programming, Databases, Coding, Networking, Software engineering and other information technology-related subjects. Successful completion of a three-year course divided into six semesters opens the door in Information technology where jobs related to processing, communication, and storing information between any electronic gadgets can be done. The Information Technology Bachelors Degrees syllabus is designed with utter care and accumulating in-depth knowledge of subjects related to Information technology. The faculty is well established and renowned experts in information technology with genuine concern towards the future of students. Students affiliated with us are trained under the scrutinizing mentorship of honorary faculty members to polish them and sharpen them for a promising future. Total fees of B.sc. I.T. The course is Rs. 66000 exclusive of study material charges. Rs. 6000 are charged for books and their delivery charges.

Objectives of the Course

To prepare students for multiprogramming, multi-tasking conditions related to Information technology

To manage, secure and store the voluminous information

To provide comprehensive knowledge about Information technology and prepare students for experience real world with various situations

To prepare students for crucial technology developments and creativity with solutions

BSc (Bachelor of Science) in IT, like all other undergraduate programmes in Information Technology, is primarily concerned with storing, processing, safeguarding, and managing information. You can also get Online Bachelor of Information Technology Degrees. This Online bsc IT degree is mostly concerned with software, databases, and networking. The BSc in IT is granted for successfully completing a programme of study in software development, software testing, software engineering, web design, databases, programming, computer networking, and computer systems. Graduates with an information technology background may execute technological activities such as data processing, storage, and communication between computers, mobile phones, and other electronic devices.

Eligibility Criteria for BSc IT

Candidates must have received their 10+2 diploma from a recognised educational board.

They must have a minimum of 50 percent in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics as their main disciplines.

The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology programs aim is to educate students with the skills and knowledge needed to pursue professional jobs in information technology, business, and management. The programme combines database, human-computer interaction, networking, programming, and Web system principles, as well as technologies such as mobile applications, non-relational databases, and cloud computing. Pursue for BSc IT distance education now. Students are taught to build a thorough understanding of the underlying theories and concepts, as well as practical hands-on applications, while utilizing their problem-solving and critical thinking skills to deal with a wide range of real-world computer and informational problems. Students are also exposed to a well-rounded learning experience in which they work in groups to master oral and writing communication.

The Online Distance B.Sc IT Degree allows students to earn an undergraduate degree while working full-time. The curriculum teaches students information technologies that are used in corporations, government, healthcare, schools, and other organizations. With AIG Academy you can do BSc IT distance learning.

The curriculum helps students build key abilities in technology infrastructure, including hardware, software, operating systems, applications, data storage and analytics, communication systems, and information security, by combining theoretical understanding with actual hands-on expertise. Students will be able to learn, plan, and manage the complete technology lifecycle.

Learning objectives for the programme

The goals of the Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT) programme are to produce graduates who will be able to:

Analyze complicated real-world problems to discover and define computer requirements, and then apply computational methodologies to problem solving.

In the context of the IT discipline, design, implement, and evaluate a computing-based solution to meet a particular set of computing needs.

Communicate technical knowledge to varied audiences in a way that is consistent with the intended audience and purpose.

Based on legal and ethical principles, make informed decisions and include the distinctive perspectives of others in computing practice.

Work well in groups and use self- and peer-advocacy to address prejudice in interactions, set goals, organize activities, meet deadlines, manage risk, and generate deliverables.

Identify and analyze user demands, and take them into account while selecting, integrating, and administering computer-based systems.

This programme provides a solid education in all parts of computing and information technology for students who want to work in the field, as well as a road to honors, postgraduate studies, or a research career.

BSc IT correspondence takes a practice-based approach to IT education, with a combination of theory and practice. Students learn business analysis, problem-solving, teamwork, and communication skills in addition to excellent technical skills in IT. Employers want graduates with industry experience, and students in this course are exposed to real-world IT difficulties. Contact AIG Academy if you want to do BSc IT distance education Mumbai university.

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