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Two years of Fast-paced Executive Master Of Business Administration program is solely designed for already working professionals with specific years of experience in respective fields. The Executive Master Of Business Administration or EMBA is offered to the professionals who do not want to take a break from their career and complete the post-graduation in Business Administration. The subjects chosen for specialization are business administration like Economics, Marketing, Management, Finance, Accountancy, Human Resources, Entrepreneurship, Applied statistics, Operation Management, Supply-chain Management, etc., along with leadership, managerial and analytical skills required in different corporate sectors. Post Graduation with EMBA allows one to increase their chances to reach higher posts in their profession with thriving income without skipping their working habits. Though the course is fast-paced and can be completed within less than an MBA course, it covers a similar syllabus as MBA and gives in-depth knowledge about the subjects. The EMBA course is developed by our respected faculty members who are affiliated members of the business world with a great deal of experience. The Executive Master of Business Administration course is designed by keeping in mind that the students are already working in the same sector and want to enhance their knowledge already garnered from experience. Executive Master Of Business Administration course fees is Rs. 45000 without covering costs for books. Rs. Four Thousand are charged for Books and Home delivery.

Course Aim

To prepare students for assorted managerial tasks and objectives required in different circumstances and surroundings

To amplify students analytical, strategic, and innovative tactics required to tackle crucial situations in future

To create ingenious corporate leaders with efficient managerial and social skills to create a successful business structure

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Executive Master Of Business Administration Course EMBA


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