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Three years of Master of Computer Application or MCA course is done after graduation from any disciple with Mathematics. The course of Master Of Computer Application is related to the practice of computer science and information technology in the real world. The complete course is of advanced level in computer science and requires the basic knowledge of related fields. With the growing demands of intelligent and innovative technology employees, MCA graduates get various jobs with higher positions and lucrative payments. The vast applications of technology in the real world create ample opportunities for capable students, and a degree of Masters of Computer Science helps them get those jobs. Students can select any subject for their MCA specialization like Application Software, Hardware Technology, System Engineering, Networking, Internet, Management Information Systems(MIS), Troubleshooting, Software Development, System Management, System Development, etc. MCA is ideal incorporation of theory and practical knowledge, which helps students better understand the Computer Application. The Course of Master Of Computer Application is prepared by our proficient faculty members who are personally computer geeks and are award winners. All the faculty members are great achievers in their fields and very well acquainted with the outer world. Students enrolled with MCA in our university will be attended to well and personally by our respected faculty members regularly. The course fees for the Master Of Computer Application is Rs. 90000 less study material. For Study material, students can visit online portals and other resources.

Course Aim

To provide extensive and thorough information related to computer application and their relation to the business world

Enhance students analytical, innovative, risk management capabilities while providing them intense knowledge of technology

To provide theoretical and practical knowledge about the application of computer science, database and network management, programming and coding

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