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What is an MBA?

MBA or Masters of Business Administration is a degree with advanced studies covering various business administration subjects like applied statistics, accounting, business communication, human resources, business law, business ethics, finance, business management, marketing, operations, and business strategy. With a broader range of career opportunities and thriving salary ranges, MBA offers many other career growth options to the degree holders. An Online MBA degree does not allow you to grow in your career field and helps you understand the markets, human tendency, and personal development. To make it easier and reachable for masses of the working population other than full-time courses, Distance Learning MBA courses in Delhi are also available at many business schools, along with online options.

Introduction to Online MBA course

MBA programme fellowship can be garnered even while working, and for that, distance learning was introduced by many schools a long time ago. With a fast-growing virtual learning industry, MBA can also be done online at your own pace, anywhere and anytime. Our Business school offers one year online mba courses in Delhi for those who are already achieving goals in their different careers and are interested in studying further.

AIG academy offers distance MBA, Online MBA and mini Online MBA courses with specializations in Human resource management, Marketing, Accounts, Finance, business ethics and other fields. All the programmes are designed by a team of experts in their respective fields and divided into a simple syllabus to go with working students. Each and every subject is well chosen, which covers all the updated topics and latest developments in various industries.

All the required materials to study MBA online have been created by our onboard faculties who are not just experts from their respective fields but also very keen to help students achieve higher credits in the MBA.

Importance of Online MBA

Apart from not attending full-day classes, an Online MBA has many aspects that help students garner knowledge similar to a full-time MBA course.

  • Distance MBA has a short and brief curriculum.
  • It has flexible schedules regarding exams, classes, project submissions, examination centre selections.
  • There is no exact time limit given to take admission, and can be admitted any time of the year.
  • Rather than an expensive Full-time MBA course, people can opt for the cheapest online MBA courses with almost equal credentials.
  • With a more straightforward admission process, the whole fellowship of an online MBA program is user friendly and can be opted for with lesser equipment.
  • All the study materials are home-delivered or available online on various apps on androids or IOS mobile phones.
  • With no interaction with any faculties or fellow students, all the classes are usually done virtually or with recorded lectures from respective faculty members.
  • Students are expected to study independently without any deadlines or compulsion on attending classes which are beneficial for working professionals.
  • online MBA courses are not less than any full-time course regarding syllabus, credentials, and knowledge.

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